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What the Butler Saw

(7, 8, 9, 10 February 2013, Campus Muristalden, Berne)

A play by Joe Orton

Actors: Peter Rohrer, Fabian Claus, Angela Ferreira, Xenia Netos, Philippo Netos, Chris Huguenin

Directed by Lukas Hunziker & Irmtraut Huber

… and we have been noticed! (Agenda Berner Zeitung online; click onto the picture above to get a pdf of the page.)

Life is hard for Dr Prentice, a renowned psychiatrist, whose marriage is foundering on his nymphomaniac wife’s escapades and his countless affairs with ever new secretaries. But things are about to change when young and beautiful Geraldine Barclay enters Prentice’s office and applies for the once more open job of personal secretary. Little does Prentice know, however, that his attempt to seduce the naïve girl will be interrupted not only by an untimely visit of his wife but also by that of Dr Rance, a government inspector with rather questionable views on sanity. Oh, right, and a policeman. And a page boy with a box full of nudie pictures of Mrs Prentice. So what does he decide to do? Well, just what every self-respecting man with a degree in psychiatry and a naked girl in his study would do …

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