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The Shrink’s Cabinet

(21–25 April 2015 in Berne, at FriScènes in Fribourg on 25 October, and 20/21 November in Berne)

by Marco Battaglia and Jack R. Williams

Jack has finished his last exams and is back home for Christmas. Far from feeling festive, he is crippled with self-doubt and exasperated by the prying questions of his extended family. As he slowly self-medicates to cope with the traditional Christmas dinner, his family begin to change around him taking on the appearance and characteristics of ever more intriguing personas. In their various guises they offer him advice from their pasts and help him reflect on his future.

About the Play
Marco Battaglia and Jack Williams met while studying Political and Economic Philosophy together at the University of Bern. The idea for the play came to Marco following a family Christmas and over a long evening of drinks, which they forgot to pay for, the two sketched out a rough version of the play. They traded ideas and developed a script over the course of a year; during which time Marco fled to Latin America and Jack spent several weeks heavily medicated after a mysterious illness he picked up in Wales. The product of these two confused young men is The Shrink’s Cabinet.

Original cast in April:

Fabian Claus
Eva Witschi
Thomas Lüthi
Beatrix Castellote
Simon Thöni
Xenia Netos
Patrick Meade
Martin Ritzmann
Richard McKinley
Cris Philippe Schenk
Hannes Zwicker
Ece Satar

Director: Jack R. Williams
Producer: Patrick Meade
Makeup: Susi Scherer
Costumes: Esther Weiss

Cast at FriScènes: Tessa Zuckweiler for Eva Witschi and Nik Sarbach for Cris Schenk.


The Shrink’s cabinet has been mentioned in the press:

Jack Williams, “Der Schönwetter-Engländer” (Der Bund, 17 April 2015)

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