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Nothing Unusual

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First Premiered

Nothing Unusual premiered on 22 February 2018 at the Remise in Bern.


Six short plays about everyday people in strange situations.

A language lesson turns personal.

A daughter comes clean to her mother.

A job interview gets out of hand.

An actress looks back.

A husband questions his wife.

Politicians prepare for the end.

Written by

Her Dulcet Tones by Alice Cole

Funny by Neil LaBute

Hire Aspirations by Franz Andres Morrissey

Cup for My Sister by Alexander P. Sigrist and Roberto Scaramuzza

Merge by Neil LaBute

Famous Last Words by Martin Ritzmann and Lino Gross

Directed by

Alice Cole/ Tobias Stöckli/ Xenia Netos & Tessa Zuckweiler/ Roberto Scaramuzza & Alexander P. Sigrist/ Anna Möll/ Lino Gross & Martin Ritzmann


Fabian Claus/ Cloé Coendoz/ Alice Cole/ Lino Gross/ Chris Huguenin/ Hulda Jónsdóttir/ Naomi Koffman/ Richard McKinley/ Xenia Netos/ Anna Möll/ Ece Satar/ Nik Sarbach/ Anna Sojcic/ Matthew Wildhaber/ Tessa Zuckweiler

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