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A Crooked Tale

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Wednesday, March 16, 20:30, Tojo Bern


After a violent bipolar attack, Sara Gemini is sent to a psychiatric clinic. Although the clinic is supposed to be a safe place, Sara soon learns it is not – unless she makes it safe for her own sake. She learns to live with her condition, maintain respect for herself and to balance between shame, guilt and grief. The play also tells how her family reacts to Sara’s hospitalisation – how the “healthy” see the “sick”, and what it ultimately means to be a compassionate person.

The play touches on topics that are as explosive as they are important: How do we deal with illness? How does society view mental problems? From the point of view of a bipolar person, Dorota K. Solarska tells a sensitive story that is intended to touch the audience and make them think. The artist’s first full-length play is a delicate, devastating, but also hopeful story about humanity, illness and our society.

Written by

Dorota Solarska

Directed by

Chris Huguening and Matea Todorovski


Hulda Rún Jónsdóttir
Martin Ritzmann
Aysha Roumen
Aicha Brini
Anna Madziba
Xenia Rivkin
Anita Adaszewska
Susan Higson
Anina Bächtold
Vrushali Godse
Emily Kontu
Matea Todorovski


Emily Kontu
Walo Hunziker
Roberto Scaramuzza
Grace Bramer
Max Protzen

Produced by

Alexander P. Sigrist and Angela Alzina

Flyer design

Dorota Solarska

Ticket prices

Normal CHF 20.00
Reduced CHF 15.00
Solidary CHF 25.00

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