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A Storm Louder Than Everyone Else

Posted on December 10th, 2022 by

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A rainy day in a pub by the sea. The rain is getting heavier, the waves are getting bigger. Pete, a lonely traveller, takes shelter in the pub, where he meets Mikka, the headstrong landlord. They are joined by Bjorn, a stubborn fisherman, and Lara and Max, a young couple whose relationship is on the brink of collapse. Soon the storm traps them in the pub and they must find a way to survive the night.

A Storm Louder than Everyone Else pits five individuals against what could be the end of their lives. Either the storm will kill them – or they will kill each other. Trapped in a small space, they have no choice but to explore how they feel about each other.

As Satre put it: Hell, these are other people. But they could also be our salvation.


A Storm Louder Than Everyone Else premiered on May 31, 2023 at the Tojo Theater in Bern.

Written by

Alexander P. Sigrist

Directed by

Matea Todorovski, Alexander P. Sigrist


Mikka: Hulda R. Jónsdóttir

Pete: Alexander P. Sigrist

Lara: Laurence Grossenbacher

Max: Sebastian Coleman

Björn: Stefan Dick

Lif: Cristina Mosimann

Ariel: Xenja Rohrer


Production Management: Vrushali Godse and Roberto Scaramuzza

Stage: Walo Hunziker

Props: Roberto Scaramuzza

Costumes: Giulia Leone

Sound and Lights: Max Protzen und Grace Bramer

PR: Angela Alzina

The production is supported by:
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