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Welcome to the Caretakers
“An algorithm walks into a bar…”
- A World Without
“If I had my will, every idiot who went about with “Merry Christmas” on their lips would be roasted with their own turkey and buried with a stake of holly through their heart.”
- Mr. Scrooge
“What’s Christmas but a time for spending money you don’t have, on things you don’t need?
- Mr Scrooge
“Your names: You are Briar. Winter. Phoenix. River. Lake. Almond and Mercury. "And you’re not pulling my leg?"
-Above the Water
"...but we are safe up here, no?"
- A Storm Louder Than Everyone Else
“There is nothing inside you. You are only full when you’re filled with violence.”
– Love of the Nightingale
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Upcoming Events and Information

Call For Auditions: “Puffs”

For seven years a certain boy wizard went to a certain Wizard School and conquered evil. This, however, is not his story. This is the story of the Puffs who just happened to be there too. And you can be part of it! Learn how to audition here

Spring Improv Workshop

What happened to the loved up honeymooners on the submarine? Or to the shopkeeper who sold a poisonous spider? Come and tell stories with us in our spring Improv workshop. Full details here

Reading Pool Meetings

The Reading Pool is back! The meetings take place every second Wednesday of the month. Whether you are a reader or listener, member or non-member, everyone is welcome to join these informal gatherings! Full details here

Committee Meetings

Have you ever wondered what the committee does at those mysterious committee meetings? Do you have an idea for a play, a reading or another project, which you would like to discuss? Or do you just want to come by for a chat? Join a committee meeting! All info here.

Support Us

Do you like what we do? Want to support English-speaking theatre in Bern? Look no further, it’s easy! All info here.

About The Caretakers

The Caretakers is an English-language theatre group or association, which was founded in 2010 in Bern. We foster all aspects of amateur theatre and performance and are always open to new ideas!

What has made the theatre group so exceptional over the years has been the ability of all the people taking part in our productions, the actors, directors, stage managers, the costumers, the set builders, the props directors, the make-up artists, sound and lighting crews, every single person involved in a production to work closely together in an ensemble.

Furthermore, most of our productions are home-grown. Most of our plays are written by our in-house authors and we have even been cheeky enough to update Shakespeare, Dickens, and Snow White.

We are an open group, and anyone can come to our auditions – or even propose an entirely new production! Sign up to our newsletter to stay informed about opportunities or contact the committee if you have questions or ideas!