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The Committee

The Caretakers committee consists of seven members, who each take on different responsibilities. All members, both current and new, are voted in at the annual general meeting (for more information on the AGM click here). Committee meetings take place on a monthly basis and are open to any members who wish to attend to discuss their projects or any other pressing matters (check our event calendar for the upcoming dates). If you wish to put something on the agenda for our next meeting or if you are interested in joining the committee, feel free to contact the Caretakers president.

Icelandic: born and raised in Reykjavík; moved to Switzerland to take advantage of the exceptional Swiss education system; Bernese resident since 2013; currently the president of The Caretakers and active as an actor, director, and producer; loves science, books, books about science, and sleeping.

Hulda Rún Jónsdóttir, President

British (Swiss): born, grew up, educated in UK; fell in love with theatre at school; travelled around world, teaching English and drama; settled in Switzerland, lives in Emmental; teacher at Kantonschule Olten and University of Berne, retired; founding member and vice president of The Caretakers, active as actor, director or dramaturge; enjoys books, music, gardening, walking the dog and malt whisky.

Simon D. Hicks, Vice President

Swiss: grew up in the agglomeration of Lucerne; came to Bern to study the fascinating and unusual English Language and its Literature at the University of Berne; has been playing theatre for as long as she can remember; decided on a whim to direct a play and it snowballed from there; lover of boardgames of all kinds; writer, director and actress; avid reader and book club member; loves cooking and hosting for friends and loved ones.

Matea Todorovski, Secretary

Italian: born and grew up near Bern; works at a school; props master and treasurer (only wants your money) of the Caretakers; active as writer, director; started with LARP 11 years ago and ended up doing a further education in Theater Pedagogy; loves Ultimate Frisbee, disassembling all sorts of electronic devices and make art out of them, street art, travelling; never bored.

Roberto M. Scaramuzza, Treasurer

Spanish: grew up on a sunny island in the mediterranean sea; moved to Switzerland ten years ago to escape heat and unemployment; has mostly lost her accent as well as the ability to think in her mother tongue; new member of the Caretakers, known as the social media guru; loves white golden retrievers, poetry and Taylor Swift.

Angela Alzina, PR

Swiss: grew up in a small town of 700 people and the equal number of cows; moved to Bern almost 20 years ago; kept his Eastern Swiss accent; travels for food and cocktails; founding member of the Caretakers and widely feared as the Taskmaster; active as writer, director and actor; enjoys good food, good drinks and good people.

Alexander P. Sigrist, Web- and Taskmaster

French: Grew up in Strasbourg, lived in the UK for 3 years, moved to Switzerland in 2005, I enjoyed living in Basel and Murten before moving in Bern 4 years ago. I support The Caretakers and enjoyed each play since 6 years. I am looking for new sponsorships to help raising funds. Feel free to contact me if you would like to be one of them ^^ 🙂

Agnes Derory, Sponsoring