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Past Productions

These are all the past productions staged by The Caretakers

Get Your Ugly Christmas Sweater Ready!

A monologue about growing up and standing still

A journey to hell and back

A bittersweet comedy about parenthood

‘Sometimes it's when you're sitting still that your mind moves the most.’

10 years of Caretakers! Celebrate! NOW!!!

Are you good enough to survive daily life?

Spaghetti, disgusting sauce, roommates. What more do you need?

It is Christmas, you fools!

Six short plays about everyday people in strange situations.

Who said Shakespeare couldn't be fun?

Just kiss the girl!

To swipe or not to swipe, that is the question.

Chrismas, family, dinner, a descent into madness.

An algorithm walks into a bar to buy milk.

Love come not my way.

Can we ever let go of our past and face the future?

Who saw what, how and when? And in what state of undress?

A comedy about life, livers and beer.

Can words live up to real life?

A historical one-act-play evening!