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Train of Thought – A Short Film

Posted on October 24th, 2021 by

A train journey turns into an emotional roller coaster for Stefan Biedermann when his sleeping wife traps his arm. Little does he know the other passengers have their own problems too.  

Written and directed by

Jack R. Williams

Cinematography by

Warner Nattiel

Produced by The Caretakers and Richard D. Williams


Colour grading – FABUST

Costume Designer – Alice Cole

Music and Sound – Dominik von Werdt

Production Assistant – Milena Mayordoma 


Narrator – Richard McKinley 

Stefan Biedermann – Martin Ritzmann 

Sara Biedermann – Evelyne Feller

Hans Peter – Simon D. Hicks

Anne – Jill Hattersley 

Conductor – Pasquale Scalese

Nina – Lara Marian

Hiker 1 – Christoph Laszlo

Hiker 2 – Tim Prior

Bored Mother – Alice Cole

Bored Children – Lily Cole and Lukas Prior

Sounds by

vertigo c chord ascending descending track 120 bpm by I.D. Claire

Elevator going down 2.WAV by conath

inside an old moving train by jgrzinich

harmonica by UncleSigmund

 Gasoil train leaves station, slowly. Tupiza, Bolivia. by MatiasEzcurra

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